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Our Marketing Plan will give your business a marketing roadmap to follow for the next 6 or 12 months. No more scrambling to get marketing campaigns out the door or not being strategic about your messaging and who you’re talking to. We take all the heavy lifting out of marketing and provide an actionable format for you to capitalize on, so whether your marketing cycles are seasonal, quarterly or monthly, this plan is key to maximizing your marketing investments, and is designed to help your business get marketing focused. 

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How it works: 

We meet with your business virtually for a 1-1.5 hour discovery meeting. This gives our team a chance to learn everything about your business and your goals. Then we meld the minds of up to three of our experienced team members to collaborate and brainstorm about marketing strategies that align with your business goals. We develop your plan giving you a comprehensive look at the next 6-12 months of marketing for your business. 

Our passion for helping businesses really shows through our work. Creating individualized marketing plans is an M3M team favourite. 

Our 6 and 12-month marketing plans include the development of a(n):

  • Executive Summary
  • Marketing Goals Outline
  • Target Market Personas (up to three)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising Budget
  • One customized section of planning that would be most applicable to your business. (Examples: Social Media Plan, Crowd Funding, Campaign Plan, Blog Plan)


Testimonial Videos are a great way to boost your social proof. They allow others to share their experience with purchasing products or services from your business. It also gives you an opportunity to showcase your work in a visual way. These videos can be used on websites, social media platforms, at tradeshows, presentations and more. 
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We will interview your customers or clients and capture their experience with your business. 

  • 3 x 1-2 minute testimonial videos

Brand Story

As humans, we are drawn to stories and each business has one. It is one of your most powerful marketing assets yet many don’t take the time to capture it in a creative and comprehensive way for our clients or customers to experience. 
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We will create four brand statements: 

  • Story Summary (up to 250 words)
  • Mission 
  • Values 
  • Vision

Our Brand Story package helps you create loyalty from your clients or customers. The more of your story you share, the more they know, like and trust your brand. This investment will continue to bring you value as your business grows.

Add-on: The Enhanced Micro Bio by The Bio Writer Christina Lawrence

Our Brand Story Development package above plus: 

  • A 30-minute recorded Bio Building Session on Zoom
  • Basic Word Version and PDF of your bio
  • Video and audio file of our Bio Building Session
  • A full written transcription of Bio Building Session


Campaign Graphics help you communicate a focused message to your audience. It is a consistent message across different mediums, both digital and physical print assets. We will design an asset for you like a website graphic, postcard, social media graphic or banner, posters, or PDF one-pager, and apply the styling to create complementary graphics for the channels you plan to activate during your campaign. 
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These eye-catching visuals continue to tell your brand’s story through the use of strategically thought out elements like your colour schemes, fonts, symbols and shapes. Our goal is to have your customers or clients see your visual asset and instantly know the message is from your brand. 

  • 1 x main campaign design
  • Plus the requested asset sizes
  • Add on: Copywriting
  • Printing costs are not included


Do you just need someone to give you a bit of advice to get those creative juices flowing or ask a few marketing questions? We’re all yours! We will even send you a summary of key points discussed at the end of our meeting so you have some actionable takeaways. 
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Package options include:

  • 2-hours
  • 4-hours 
  • 8-hours