Kirstie Castillo

Kirstie Castillo

Studio Rep

Kirstie attended Northwestern Polytechnic as an International student, pursuing her Business Administration Diploma with a major in Finance.  

During her summer internship as a Marketing Coordinator for M3M Marketing under the Mitacs—Business Strategic Internship program, Kirstie helped craft and execute the marketing plan for the launch of M3M Studios. 

Kirstie’s mind and heart lean toward the dynamic world of Marketing. As an artist, she finds joy in drawing 3D characters, expressing herself through musical instruments, watching meaningful movies, and exploring diverse musical genres. 

Kirstie is captivated by the endless possibilities of business and its impact on marketing businesses. With her unique blend of creativity, experience, and knowledge, she is ready to make her mark in the growing world of Marketing by supporting M3M Studios in its operations and development. Through grasping the market trends, helping the local creative community thrive through the help of M3M Studios’ offerings and services.