I’m running as a candidate for the 2023 Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Voting happens on Dec. 1 at the Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting. Members will be able to vote for up to five candidates to fill available open positions at the AGM. I hope to see you there, and I am asking for your vote on Dec. 1.

Why did you choose to put your name forward?

I love the business community in the Grande Prairie region. I am passionate about our local businesses succeeding.

I think I can provide a different perspective from my various business and community experiences as a elder youth over the last 7 years.

I have over 7 years of experience in the marketing industry in various positions within Grande Prairie.

What would be your key priorities as a Director if elected?  

Chamber Member Challenges

I want to help contribute to the success of others by being on the board and giving a voice to Chamber members. I’d like to bring forward challenges that I am hearing in the business community and seek resources to provide support.

Labour Shortage

If I serve on the board, I would like to see an increase in initiatives that address and contribute to improving the challenge of finding labour in the region.

Advocacy for the Region

I would like to see and participate in continued advocacy about the needs of our region to local, provincial and federal governments.

Member Engagement

Something on my wish list would be to see more engagement from different Chamber members. I think there is strong loyalty from the members who are engaged in attending events and utilizing chamber resources, but I think the chamber could have a greater impact on businesses if more members were more engaged.

Who Gets to Vote?

Voting members at the AGM are required to be listed as the Authorized Representative of the member companies listed on the Membership Role; one vote per Member is in good standing.


Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce unveils board of directors candidates, 2023 executive