M3M Marketing opened its creative rental studio, M3M Studios, in September 2023. M3M Studios was built to provide access to studio spaces to create photo, video and audio content to the creative and business community in northwestern Alberta.

M3M Studios is a creative rental studio in Grande Prairie, Alberta, that offers equipment and 3,000 square feet of flexible production space, giving you the freedom to bring your creative vision to life! With a versatile setup and professional equipment, it is a blank canvas for photographers, videographers, podcasters, voice-over artists, and businesses to produce creative projects.

We provide a cost-effective solution for creatives and businesses to access flexible studio space for photoshoots, video productions, podcasts, voiceovers, content creation and more.

Learn More About Our Studio Spaces

M3M Studios Cycwall NW 2 scaled

Cyclorama/Infinity Wall 

Experiment with different effects, backgrounds, and lighting with our cycloramic/infinity wall, allowing you to access your creativity.

Use our Cyclorama/Infinity Wall for Portraits, Branding, Creative Shoots, Product Photography, Interviews, Training Videos, Music Videos, Content Creation, Filmmaking and more!

We’re the only creative rental studio that offers a Cyclorama Wall in Northwestern Alberta. 

M3M Studios Photo Backdrop 2 scaled

Photography Backdrop

We offer photography backdrops, from classic solid colors to patterned and textured options, to provide a customizable solution for your photography needs. Custom colors and patterns can be ordered by request.

M3M Studios Podcast Room scaled

Podcast Room

Our Podcast Room is equipped with quality equipment and comfortable seating, the perfect space to encourage conversation and get in touch with creativity.

M3M Studios Audio Recording Booth scaled

Audio Recording Booth

Our audio booth offers a sound-treated, comfortable space that is perfect for voice recordings or a two person podcast, complete with professional-grade equipment for a seamless recording experience.

 Add-Ons & Equipment Rentals