Video Production

We love sharing stories, communicating, capturing moments and promoting your business using video! We use storytelling as a strategy to create content that connects emotionally with audiences. 

We help businesses and organizations produce high-quality content. Video is one of the most popular marketing content types and can drive higher engagement, traffic, and awareness to your business or organization.

Investing in video can continue to bring you value today and into the future. This content can be used on websites, social media channels, for paid advertisements, at tradeshows, presentations and so much more. 

We don’t just show up with production gear and our experience; we can be part of the pre-production planning process, help our clients and interviewees become more comfortable being on-camera, and help shape your story to be engaging from beginning to end.


We create high-impact videos to promote your products, services or upcoming event. Let us create video content that will bring attention and focus on what you have to offer your customers and clients.

We love helping our clients shape either a new brand or refresh an existing one. Contact us to get started.


Testimonial videos are a great way to boost your social proof. They allow others to share their experience with purchasing products or services from your business or share the impact you have had on your employees or community.

We will pair your testimonials with other complementary visual content that showcase your business or organization in more ways than one.


Share your announcement about something new with your community and clients. We will capture your announcement to communicate an exciting moment for your business.

Short Documentaries & Film Production

Our team has experience creating short documentary films in the Alberta film production industry. If you have a film idea but aren’t sure how to bring it to life or you need crew members, contact us

Owner of M3M Marketing, Mariah Braun, has contributed her time and expertise on over eight film sets in various roles including Directing, Producing, 1st Assistant Director, Production Manager, Fixer, Production Assistant, and more. Mariah’s original short documentaries have been distributed on-demand on TELUS Optik TV and on national television through Accessible Media Inc.

Training & Tutorials

Save time and resources by capturing your training and tutorial material on video. 

Whether your business is focused on providing training services to your customers, showing your clients how to use your products or services, or training employees or volunteers, let us help you create content that allows your messaging to be easily digested by the audience.


Have a big topic or idea to share with an audience? This may include sharing statistics, facts or encompasses an opportunity to educate your audience. Either way, we want to be a part of making that video come to life. 

Our Video Production Clients