Working for M3M Marketing this summer has been an incredibly inspiring experience for me. As someone who is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the digital marketing world, being a Marketing Coordinator Intern has given me the chance to learn more about the industry while also broadening my perspectives and introducing me to new ideas.

As a Marketing Coordinator Intern with M3M Marketing, my tasks and duties mainly revolve around supporting the sub-brand: M3M Studios. One of my key responsibilities has been to contribute to the development of M3M Studios’ Marketing Plan, which involves developing marketing strategies and collaborating with team members to execute the plan. 

Additionally, I have been involved in executing various marketing campaigns, that includes conducting market research, creating engaging content, managing social media channels, and evaluating the effectiveness of different marketing activities created by M3M Studios.

In this blog post, I will share my journey as an intern – discussing my experiences while developing a Marketing Plan for M3M’s new division, M3M Studios, and sharing the valuable things I’ve learned during my time working for M3M Marketing.

My Three Takeaways Developing A Marketing Plan 

Developing a marketing plan for M3M Studios has been a fulfilling journey filled with new discoveries and learning experiences. Before this internship, I always thought that a Marketing Plan would be no different from a Business Plan. However, as I started the process, I discovered that understanding the business’s mission-vision, objectives, and goals is crucial to determining which strategies will result in an effective marketing plan. Here are three key takeaways that have significantly shaped my understanding of the marketing planning process.

#1 Planning Works! 

Planning works because it gives clear direction towards the desired goal. It keeps our mind aligned and organized in regards to what needs to be done. Planning not only works in Marketing Plans but in our daily lives too. When we make plans, we are certain where we’re headed to. 

The planning phase helps in aligning the team’s efforts, setting priorities, and ensuring that everyone is working towards a common goal. Taking time to conduct market research, understand the vision, and outline the strategies not only provides a solid foundation but also increases our chances of success. 

By investing time and effort in planning, we were able to identify potential challenges. Not all plans are effective; therefore we must find creative ways to adapt in order to bring our vision to life. Through planning we’ve developed strong marketing strategies and tailored our approach. 

#2 Execution Made Easy

When the plan is clear and concise, execution is made easy. During the execution of the marketing plan, I realized the power of planning. While planning lays the foundation and maps out our mind towards the goal, execution brings the marketing plan to life.

One of the key lessons I learned was the importance of breaking down the plan into actionable steps and establishing a timeline for implementation. Following the Marketing Plan made it easier to execute our marketing initiatives as there is an activities checklist that we can always refer to.

Effective communication and coordination among team members was essential in ensuring a smooth execution process. Detailed tracking of progress helped us stay on track and adapt as needed. Focusing on the plan’s execution allowed us to turn our concepts into actionable steps, creating a direct impact on the brand’s exposure and engagement.

#3 Combined Results Create Quality Output

A Marketing Plan with a solid foundation that understands the business goals, when partnered with effective execution of the plan, creates quality output. When considering the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, I place myself in the shoes of our target market and think about how I would respond to one of our initiatives. From that point of view, I learned that the connection between planning and execution is the key to determining how effective it is. 

We were able to improve the overall effectiveness of our marketing efforts by constantly assessing the engagement results and insights. Anticipating and analyzing the results was an important part of my learning experience. As a result, we were able to refine our plans, come up with fresh concepts, improve our approaches, and produce new ideas.

I witnessed firsthand how a well-crafted marketing plan can drive success and deliver remarkable results. Creating impactful marketing strategies that move businesses forward in the digital landscape. As I continue to grow my skills  as a Marketing Coordinator Intern, I am eager to apply these key takeaways to my future endeavours.

I highly recommend creating a marketing plan for your company, whether it may be an upcoming or established business. There is no requirement to follow a certain format, or for it to be complex or fancy; and there are a ton of marketing resources available online. Even using a marketing calendar to schedule your social media posts will be beneficial to any business.  

Discover M3M Marketing’s service offerings and leverage your business’ upcoming marketing opportunities. Connect with M3M to learn how we can support your business on an on-going basis or for your next marketing project.  

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Kirstie Castillo (She/Her), Marketing Coordinator Intern – Blog Writer Kirstie recently completed a Certificate of Business Administration at Northwestern Polytechnic, and is currently pursuing a Diploma in the same field. With a strong passion for business and an eagerness to learn, Kirstie is dedicated to helping organizations achieve success through strategic planning and innovative solutions.


Grace Larson (She/Her), Project Assistant – Blog Editor Grace recently completed her Business Administration Diploma in Management at Northwestern Polytechnic, where she graduated as Valedictorian, and is now pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources. Grace has years of project management experience in organizing student and youth events.

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Mariah Braun (She/Her), M3M Marketing Owner, CEO – Blog Editor Mariah, Owner of M3M Marketing, has spent most of her career focused on creating content for various organizations. She has managed marketing projects for the public sector, post-secondary education, and small businesses since 2015.