As a woman entrepreneur who has left full-time employment to pursue business ownership, I know how scary the leap can be. However, overcoming my fears and putting in the effort has been extremely rewarding.

No matter how big or small your leap may be, leaving the stability of your regular life to pursue your passion can be daunting. Each person’s situation is different, with multiple factors, so how do you know when to take the leap? Below is my story and some tips to help you pursue your goals and make your next move. 

How I Leaped Into Full-Time Entrepreneurship

I started M3M in 2017 as a solopreneur helping only a handful of clients and no marketing strategy other than word-of-mouth. I would spend my days off at a local coffee house, finishing as much work as possible before starting work on Monday again. That continued until 2019 when I decided to recruit three key freelancers to keep up with the demand for our services. Fast forward to 2021, when I realized that my current lifestyle of holding down a full-time job and a rapidly growing “side hustle” wouldn’t be sustainable for much longer. I took on a term-certain role for over a year and set the date of saying “bye-bye” to that 9-5 employee life.

My love and passion for helping others grow their businesses drove me to take the leap after five years of working a full-time job; I had a powerful desire to do more and help more people. Your most significant asset to successfully becoming a full-time entrepreneur is the strength of your “why” and the community that supports you and your work.

Many fears and risks were involved when I left my job to pursue my dreams of owning a marketing agency full-time. However, overcoming my fear and taking the leap was my best decision ever. Throughout entrepreneurship, there will always be curve balls that will force you to make tough decisions and get you outside your comfort zone. My dedication to serving the Grande Prairie community helped me overcome these obstacles and gain the confidence to build M3M to be the company it is today. 

Today, M3M is in the process of developing plans for expansion in 2023. We hired our first employee in February and continue to help businesses grow by developing marketing strategies and building relationships. I am excited about the new opportunities ahead and continuing to utilize my passion for marketing as fuel to help other entrepreneurs build their dream businesses.  

My Tips For Women Entrepreneurs

Here are some of my tips for becoming a full-time woman entrepreneur. 

Make A Plan 

Taking the leap doesn’t mean dropping everything and plunging into the unknown. Having a plan is essential. Try setting goals and milestones to visualize where you want your company to be months from now. When you work towards these goals and see what you can achieve, the leap into full-time entrepreneurship can become less scary. 

Everyone’s Journey Is Different

When becoming an entrepreneur, it is essential not to compare yourself to others. Everyone’s journey to success is different, each with its own goals and timelines. Comparing your journey can lead to a loss of confidence in yourself, so pursue your dreams at your own pace and set your own goals to achieve. 

Make A Business Plan 

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Making a plan can give you more confidence. Initially, it can feel like you have to do a million things to do and achieve before you reach your goals. A business plan can give you confidence in your timeline and outcomes while making the process less overwhelming. 

Hire The Right People

When picking individuals to work for you, hiring people whose goals, visions, and culture align with the company is essential. Not only do you want to hire someone with knowledge and experience, but someone who will fit in with the company culture and dedicates themselves to helping you reach your goals. 

Building Relationships Is Critical

Relationships are one of the most essential components of a company. The right network of people can help you reach your goals and give you something to lean on. In addition, through building relationships, avenues open up and lead to new opportunities. I recommend joining networking groups and finding communities you can serve. 

Prioritize Self-Care

Through all the work and dedication to successfully take the leap, prioritizing your needs and self-care is critical. Ensuring your needs do get met can help you maintain the healthy mindset required to achieve your goals. Take time for yourself and give yourself a break; otherwise, you WILL burn out. 

Taking the leap may seem scary, but fearing the unknown should not be what holds you back. It is important to remember that everyone’s journey is different, and having a passion for your business will lead you to success. Only some people pursue entrepreneurship, but it is one of the most rewarding moves you can make. 

Now get out there and make your business dreams come true!


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Sydney Krupka (She/Her), Copywriter – Blog Writer Sydney was born in Grande Prairie, AB, and moved to Kelowna when she was 13. She completed her Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialty in Marketing and has a passion for writing. Sydney has been copywriting for over two years and enjoys creating content for any industry and business.


Grace Larson (She/Her), Project Assistant – Blog Editor Grace recently completed her Business Administration Diploma in Management at Northwestern Polytechnic, where she graduated as Valedictorian, and is now pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources. Grace has years of project management experience in organizing student and youth events.

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Mariah Braun (She/Her), M3M Marketing Owner, Director of Business Development & Content Creator – Blog Writer & Editor Mariah, Owner of M3M Marketing, has spent most of her career focused on creating content for various organizations. She has managed marketing projects for the public sector, post-secondary education, and small businesses since 2015.