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Mariah Braun

Mariah Braun

Owner | Director of Business Development

M3M Marketing Owner, Content Creator and Indie Filmmaker Mariah Braun carries an impressive entrepreneurial spirit paired with passion and pride for her community, discovering unique, synergistic ways to collaborate and bring people together. Both her guiding light and compassion help her understand others and light the way for them, too. Having experienced adversity in her own life, Mariah understands and relates to those who need compassion.

A creative, dynamic marketing professional, Mariah loves helping technology-challenged entrepreneurs, those wanting to take their side hustle full-time, startups and nonprofits attract attention to their brands through honest, impactful communication. With a local focus, M3M Marketing offers a variety of services for small businesses including video production, website and graphic design, social media marketing, copywriting, marketing plans and content packages. Mariah finds joy in this work by giving business owners the support and freedom to concentrate on the parts of the business they love most, leaving the complex world of marketing to her and her capable team.

Mariah’s mission in the indie film industry is to amplify the voices of underrepresented individuals and tell stories from a unique point of view. As a Canadian-Guyanese woman and BIPOC filmmaker, Mariah is an underrepresented person, so she gravitates towards others who are also underrepresented. Mariah’s interview subjects appreciate her sensitivity to delicate and uncomfortable topics, trusting her to share their stories in a respectful, authentic way. Mariah bonds with each person she interviews, circling back to her compassionate nature and ability to truly understand another’s perspective.

Mariah’s credits also include producing episodes of the City of Grande Prairie’s Opioid Crisis series, a documentary-style awareness campaign centered on the effects of the opioid crisis in Grande Prairie, Alberta, and Undefeated: Journey To The Death Race, a 2021 Alberta Media Production Industry Award (Rosie) finalist. One of Canada’s largest networks, AMI-TV (Accessible Media Inc.) even broadcasted Mariah’s documentary, Kiesha’s Story: A Path to Wellness. Her three original documentaries, Life Without Diagnosis, Able, and Kiesha’s Story: A Path to Wellness, all focus on the resiliency of the human spirit. Through every film, Mariah shares the stories of others and learns a little more about herself along the way, expanding her visual storytelling expertise.

Mariah is the proud recipient of the City of Grande Prairie 2022 Young Woman of Influence Award.

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